campus-photoThe Chancellor’s Task Force on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill History is responsible for developing a comprehensive approach to curating and teaching the history of the University.

In May 2015, the Board of Trustees voted to rename Saunders Hall to Carolina Hall, to develop new curation and education initiatives, and to place a 16-year freeze on renaming historic buildings to provide adequate time for the new efforts to take root.

Chancellor Carol L. Folt appointed the Task Force to ensure that everyone – students, prospective students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors – has the opportunity to learn about Carolina’s history and contributions to society.

In announcing the History Task Force, Folt said, “An honest and thoughtful account of Carolina’s history will encourage people to reflect on how race, class and privilege have shaped the university and the nation. In telling our full history, we have the chance to educate our students and community, and to respectfully engage in difficult dialogues that encompass varying perspectives. In this way, we can truly honor our tradition of excellence and make Carolina ever stronger for the future.”

The work of the Task Force is ongoing. These efforts are intended to tell the rich and diverse history of UNC-Chapel Hill, and its role in the state and the nation.

To learn who serves on the Task Force, visit About the Task Force. To learn more about what the History Task Force has underway, visit the Projects page and the News page for regular updates.